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Blast chillers
of Soot and Fat

The only soot eliminators in Italy, IMQ certified

"The IMQ safety mark is a mark that guarantees compliance with the legal and safety requirements of a product and the materials it is made of".

Water soot eliminator for the treatment of fumes from solid fuel boilers, large rotisseries and charcoal grills, large wood and biomass boilers.

Air flow 1,500 m³ / h

Up to 10,000 m³ / h (with fan)

Smoke, fat and odor purification system for planetary rotisseries, wood-fired rotisseries, wood and charcoal grills, bread ovens with independent extractor.

Air flow 900 m³ / h

Up to 6,000 m³ / h (with fan)

The AH 300 blast chiller is built to eliminate carbonaceous particulate (soot)  from the combustion fumes. Wood-fired boilers, wood-fired pizza ovens, wood-fired grills, barbecues,

Air flow 600 m³ / h

Up to 3,500 m³ / h (with fan)


Water soot eliminator for pizza ovens and small stoves; Excellent for the purification of volatile odorous organic substances.

Air flow 350 m³ / h

Up to 1,300 m³ / h (with fan)

AH 200_edited.jpg

Water soot eliminator for small wood-burning ovens, small wood-burning stoves. Excellent for the purification of volatile odorous organic substances.

Air flow 200 m³ / h

Up to 800 m³ / h (with fan)

Clinear 250

The perfect machine for the removal of soot from exhaust fumes, ovens for pizzerias and bakeries and for biomass boilers.

Air flow 350 m³ / h

Up to 1,300 m³ / h (with fan)

Reward yourself

The AH 500, AH 400, AH 300, AH 250, AH 200 and CLINEAR soot and grease eliminators are tested and certified by IMQ according to CE regulations .

Each blast chiller is rigorously produced in Italy by ETC Group Srl and scrupulously tested by specialized technicians within our company.

Soot and fat eliminators

The soot suppressors are water-operated devices for the treatment of soot and fumes for wood-fired pizza ovens, biomass boilers, smoke reduction and microparticulate from coffee roasters.

It is an important and unique certified system for the removal of microparticulate coming from wood stoves .


The blast chiller treats the soot even when the machine is off. ETC Group Srl soot suppressors are the most technological product on the market today.

Fully automatic. It has the lowest consumption of electricity and water.

Entirely built in 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 15/10, including the internal and external fittings of the blast chiller.


An important component is the virtually indestructible Grunfos CM model pump.

In addition to having low consumption, our soot eliminators are also the most effective on the market today.


They do not require special maintenance but only a 15-minute cleaning once a month.

Accessories for
Soot and fat eliminators

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