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UNI EN ISO 16890: 2017
UNI EN ISO air filtration regulations.


In June 2018 the new UNI EN ISO 16890: 2017 standard came into force, which brings substantial changes in the test methods and in the classification of filters from classes G to classes F (UNI EN 779: 2012 standard), used in the common systems of ventilation.​

Standard number: UNI EN ISO 16890: 2017

Title:  Air filters for general ventilation



Part 1: Technical specifications, requirements and particulate-based efficiency rating system (ePM)

The Standard Transposes:

EN ISO 16890-1: 2016

The Standard Adopts:
ISO 16890-1: 2016

Technical Commissions: [CTI - Materials, components and systems for purification and filtration of air, gas and fumes]

Effective Date: March 23, 2017


The standard establishes a classification system for the efficiency of filters for general ventilation based on particulate matter (PM). This part of the standard provides a description of the test procedures, specifies the general requirements for the evaluation and marking of filters as well as for the documentation of the test results. The standard is intended to be used in conjunction with ISO 16890-2, ISO 16890-3 and ISO 16890-4.

The standard applies to filter elements with a PM1 filtration efficiency not exceeding 99% when tested with the procedures defined by the standard itself.
The standard approved with 100% of the votes by the countries participating in the CEN and ISO technical committees replaces the American standards ASHRAE 52.2 and the European standards UNI EN 779: 2012.
In ISO 16890: 2017 filters are no longer divided into coarse (G), Medium (M) or Fine (F) efficiency classes,
but they will be divided into 4 classes:

ISO Coarse, ISO ePM  10, ISO ePM  2.5 and finally ISO ePM  1.

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