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Over 20 years
of experience

ETC Group Srl is a modern and dynamic industrial structure, active in the research, development, construction and installation of systems for the treatment and purification of soot fumes, odors and in the catering and food industries.

Our main strength is the constant drive towards research, experimentation and the contribution of innovative tailor-made solutions.

We intervene effectively on every problem thanks to a wide range of knowledge and experience, solving problems related to odors, greasy particles, vapors, fumes, soot produced by restaurants, pizzerias, canteens and small and medium-sized combustors, developing solutions on the specific needs of each customer. .

IMQ certified soot eliminators

ETC Group srl deals with the production and installation of soot suppressors, the design, maintenance and installation of stainless steel flues.

Air treatment systems and smoke filters. We create air extraction and purification systems without power and size limits to be used in the civil field and in catering, always in compliance with current regulations.


All our soot eliminators are CE compliant and IMQ certified

We provide technical assistance and customized machinery with new technologies for transport and air treatment.

A company able to carry out works from the supply to the assembly of hoods for kitchens, ducts for the expulsion of fumes and odors, stainless steel flues, soot and odor eliminators with water treatment, activated carbon purifiers, generators of ozone for odor treatment both for extraction systems and for large environments such as kitchens, and large refrigerators with absolute sterilization.

We are able to build effective ozone stations of any size.

All the works are carried out with professionalism, guarantee for the result obtained and certified in accordance with the law.

Technical assistance and customer care

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ETC Group Srl Sole Shareholder   

Industrial area Piran, Tavullia - Str. Delle Campagne, 10

61010 PU board- ITALY

Tel.   +39 0721 1839937

      +39 0541 955062
      +39 0541 1646150

FAX  +39 0541 1641257

VAT number and Tax Code: IT 04083110405

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