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Inverter mono e trefase

Single and Three-phase

VF-NC3 series vector inverter

230volt / 380 volt inverter

The VF-NC3 inverter is the ideal solution for limited power applications.

Class 110V and 230V up to 2.2KW

Power range 0.2 - 2.2 kw

in 230 volt and 110 volt versions .


On a functional level, VF-NC3 offers a latest generation PID control for the simplified management of air / water control systems and a wide range of I / O to meet the needs of any application.


- Conveyors
- Car washes
- Treadmills and applications for fitness in general
- Pumps and fans

Overload factor

Normal load: 120% for 60 seconds

Heavy load: 150% up to 2 minutes.

Check the maximum operating temperatures and the maximum PWM frequency values in the manual to reach the indicated current values.

To size the inverter correctly, always refer to the current written on the motor plate.

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VF-S15 series vector inverter

Three-phase 380 volt inverter

High performance inverter for synchronous and asynchronous motors

up to 18.5KW.

Class 230V and 400V.

Power range 0.4-18.5KW

230V and 400V versions

Sensorless vector control. Integrated filter cat. C2 / C3 Temperature 50 ° C without derating

Safety STO SIL2 input
Cat.3 PLd Heavy / normal double rating
Braking chopper as standard

Starting torque greater than 200%


- High performance sensorless vector control, motor torque at 200% already at 0.5 Hz

- Advanced motor autotuning

- Permanent magnet synchronous motor control (SPM, IPM) already integrated

- EMC filter EN61800-3 C2 / C3 integrated for industrial environment as standard

- STO safety contact compliant with standard IEC13849-1 as standard

- Double power rating for normal and heavy loads

- Standard integrated braking card with functions dedicated to lifting

- Low voltage DC power supply for lift applications

- Control inputs +/- 10V and pulse train

- Maximum ambient operating temperature 60 ° C with derating over 50 ° C

- Possibility of "side by side" installation

- PCB protective coating treatment of printed circuits for increased resistance to the most extreme conditions of use

- Full PID control

- RS485 ModBus serial interface

- Interface on request: Profibus, EtherCAT, Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP, CANopen

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