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of fumes treatment
for hoods
without chimney

Our plants are certified in accordance with the law and with demonstrable results in various activities in Italy and abroad.
Continuous testing in our laboratories


A unique solution of its kind, proposed in different standard sizes with the latest technology.

System certified and ready to use.

What are the advantages of using an Arturo hood?
  • Possibility of air exhaust on the facade of the building

  • Total purification of the air from smoke, odors, soot, grease and sparks.

  • Fire safety

  • No conflict with tenants.

  • No problems with the competent authorities.

  • Savings on laying and cleaning the ducts

Why is the Arturo hood system so popular?
  • Easy cleaning of the system.

  • Low maintenance costs.

  • Easy to use.

  • Safety for staff.

  • Quiet operation.

  • Simple installation.

  • 1 year warranty.

  • Technical support.

  • Constructed in 304 stainless steel

The four standard configurations:
depuratori di fumi-etc2_edited.jpg
depuratori di fumi-etc2_edited.jpg
depuratori di fumi-etc2_edited.jpg
depuratori di fumi-etc2_edited.jpg



Length140 - 170 cm



Length170 - 200 cm



Length200 - 250 cm



Length> 250 cm;



An activated carbon control unit is not sufficient for a system without flue.

When we talk about hood without flue, it is imperative to specify that it is a treatment system and not a single product.


For this, a series of objective variables, legal obligations and necessary information must be taken into account.


Our plants are certified in accordance with the law and with demonstrable results in various activities in Italy and abroad.

Some systems made by us
casa rustì.png

Greek cuisine Zorbas


Rustì house








Let's analyze and reflect.


In order to create a kitchen where there is no possibility of having a flue, you need the authorization of the AUSL,

which must issue an exemption in order to exercise with the use of a flue-free kitchen

(applying a corrected European legislation in Italy).


The AUSL do not have the obligation but release the exemption only after being convinced that the treatment with air treatment systems, vapors, fumes, odors are effective and

above all that it will be done with machines that guarantee  an almost absolute treatment.

Arturo hood

It is compulsory to release the treated air to the outside (for volumes of a certain importance) and the kitchen rooms must have an air exchange in accordance with the law.


For this reason it is advisable that the customer who contacts us provides us with a layout of the room to be treated or in the absence of a layout, an approximate hand sketch in advance.


Let's try to give an example ...

A rough example could be:


Fryer 70 cm

Frytop 80 cm

Kitchen 90 cm

Oven 90 cm


With these measures, the hob will have a width of 330 cm .

We will have to determine the dimensions of the hood.


Hob plus 30 cm free on each side, the dimensions of the hood become 390 cm x 120 cm x 55 cm. With a speed under the hood of 0.5 m / s or 8,500.00 m³ / h.

Let's do some calculations;

For the treatment with ventless hood, we use our technology and our experience:


  • Activated carbon control unit of 10,000.00 m³ / h (a tolerance of 20% more recommended)


  • Ozone generators for odor treatment with production capacity 2 x 70 g / h; 140g O3 per hour


  • Smoke treatment system with electrostatic systems


  • Finally, air is introduced into the system for a compensation of 4200 m³ / h


This system can offset the cost within 3-4 years as it requires neither heating nor cooling, with an electrical saving of around 12kw / hour for heating.

The system proposed in the example can of course be resized to suit your needs by reducing the size of the hob. This reduces the maximum air flow.


As you have understood, this is not a single product but a complex system of several components.

This system was developed after more than ten years of research and experimentation by our technical and production staff.



Contact us with confidence and together we will find the best solution to your needs.

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